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Year 9 ‘Build My Future’

On Wednesday and Thursday this week, as part of our Careers programme, our Year 9 students took part in an off timetable session to take part in a Careers/PSHE/Citizenship day called ‘Build My Future’. Students worked in teams to create their own fictional adult characters by playing a ‘game of life’ board-game. Teams debated challenging life choices for their character and ach team was supported by a trained business volunteer to explore the importance of a balance in health, citizenship, socialising and expertise. The students then build their character as a life size puppet. The day finished with entertaining and engaging performances by the students, with their character reviewing the action steps and decisions they took and conveying the key messages that a balance in life helps achieve happiness. Students will have the opportunity to follow up on their own personal action steps with the support of their volunteer. We would like to say a big thank you to all of this years’ volunteers which included representatives from Rowan Dartington, GE Capital and HMRC. From the pictures you can see that the students thoroughly enjoyed their time!