Patchway Community College Hempton Lane
Almondsbury Bristol BS32 4AJ
Telephone: 01454 862 020
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Essential Equipment

Our expectation

All students will attend every lesson fully equipped, for this you will need a bag large enough to contain:-

  • A4 sized folder

  • Planner

  • Exercise books and equipment for the day’s lessons

  • Pencil case with pen, pencil, rubber (and spares of each), ruler, coloured pencils or pens, calculator

  • P.E. kit, food technology ingredients

  • Dinner money or packed lunch, a bottle (plastic) of water

This is a part of our 7 for Success ethos:

  1. You are fully equipped for your lesson

  2. You arrive on time for your lesson

  3. You work hard in your lesson

  4. You take pride in your work and present it with care

  5. You follow instructions and do as staff tell you

  6. You use good manners and respect yourself, others and your learning environment

  7. You improve your work when your teacher gives you feedback