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Results Statement – August 2016

Year 11

Results in 2016 are significantly improved on 2015

58.5% of students obtained English and maths
61.5% achieved A*-C in maths
75% achieved A*-C in English (61.5% English Language; 72% English Literature)
64% achieved three levels of progress in maths
82% achieved three levels of progress in English (Lang and Lit). This was 75% for English Language only.
50% achieved 5A*-C including English language and maths. 53% achieved 5A* including English literature/language and maths.
6% achieved the EBacc
Initial calculations show that Progress 8 will be zero or higher and attainment 8 (average GCSE grade) will be a C=
The gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium is as follows:

23.8% in English and maths
23.8% for 5 A*-C

Year 13

Results in 2016 have significantly improved on 2015

Average points score per entry for academic students is 204
Average points score per entry for vocational students is 224
A*-B grades 35%
A*-C grades 68%
A*-E grades 98%
BTEC Distinction*/Distinction grades 86%
BTEC Distiction* – Merit grades 100%

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