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Special Education Needs & Disability (SEND)

Students with learning difficulties and/or additional needs are provided with a personalised programme of support at Patchway Community College. We are aware that all young people are individuals and our approach is dependent on each young person’s needs and their personality. We will meet with students and parents early on in their Patchway career to discuss how to best tailor our support.

Information about our newest students is forwarded from our feeder primary schools in addition to meetings held in the summer term, prior to their arrival with us, with the Year 6 class teachers and Leader of Transition.

All Year 7 students are tested in the September of their first term. Students are tested using literacy, numeracy and reasoning tests (CAT tests) which can help identify learning difficulties. In addition, all Year 7 students are tested for their reading and spelling age in their English and Literacy lessons.

Students are therefore identified for support through the primary school contacts, the tests completed and by referrals from class teachers or parents throughout the year. Increasingly students are also referring themselves for support by discussing their concerns with their tutor, Head of House or SENCo.

General Learning Difficulties
Some young people with reading, spelling, handwriting or general learning difficulties are given in class support. Year 7 & 8 students with literacy and/or numeracy difficulties are placed in “Progress Groups” in English and Maths to intensify the support they receive. Young people can also find support in any of their classes and we have a team of experienced and enthusiastic Teaching Assistants who will collaborate with teachers and tutors to enhance the learning experience for all our learners.

Where an individual or their parents feel that dyslexia may be a barrier to learning, we are able to test our students for dyslexic tendencies. We are able to support young people with dyslexia or dyslexic tendencies by providing them with a range of strategies to support their learning and all teaching staff in the college are aware of ‘best practice’ strategies to support these learners.

Personal Development
Identified students who would benefit from support in building confidence and resilience, managing feelings and who may be experiencing emotional difficulties are supported by our team of Learning Mentors in one of our two support bases. Support may be through small group courses or one to one sessions.

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For further information or should you have any queries regarding SEND at Patchway Community College please contact our SENCO Emily Bottell at [email protected].