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Patchway Community School Hempton Lane
Almondsbury Bristol BS32 4AJ
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Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium funding @ Patchway Community School

The Government introduced Pupil Premium funding to address underlying national inequalities for children eligible for free school meals, children who are looked after and adopted and the children of service families.

The Pupil Premium seeks to reduce gaps in attainment and achievement; to enable more students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access Further and Higher Education; and address the emotional and social well-being of these students.

At Patchway Community School we are committed to helping all students achieve their potential by making excellent progress in their academic studies and developing them as young adults, regardless of their background. The Pupil Premium is a fund which comes directly into school from the government to us narrow the gap between disadvantaged students and their peers and to help us achieve our aim. The funding is targeted at students who have received Free School Meals at any time during the last six years; been continuously “Looked After” for at least six months; and children who have one or more parents in the British Armed Forces.

Pupil Premium Funding Levels

Each child at Patchway community College who is eligible to receive this funding are allocated funding in the following sums:

Students in Years 7-11:              £935

Looked After Children:               £1900

Children of service families:       £300

The total funding allocated for 2015/16 was £147,730
The total funding allocated for 2016/17 was £139,752
The total funding allocated for 2017/18 is £141,185

Impact of Pupil Premium funding at Patchway Community College 2015/16 – Click Here
Impact of Pupil Premium funding at Patchway Community College 2016/17 – Click Here
Projected use of Pupil Premium funding at Patchway Community School 2017-18 – Click Here


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