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Patchway Community School



All members of the school community are expected to maintain and take pride in their surroundings and themselves in order to create a positive learning environment.

Items can be purchased directly from our supplier Initially Yours.

Click here if you think you may be eligible for support in purchasing school uniform. This links to our Charging and Remissions Policy that outlines provision on page 3.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the uniform decided?

An initial survey of students, parents, staff and governors provided over 400 responses. Student and parent focus groups were then used to ensure that we had fully considered all the requirements of the students and their parents. The design was then developed with uniform suppliers to ensure that the most suitable products were chosen.

Do I need to buy the new uniform straight away?

No. During terms 5 and 6 we have a transition period where students may wear the old or new uniform. We have some blue polo shirts and sweat shirts in stock. If any student needs to borrow one of these items in term 5 or 6 we are happy to lend these, subject to availability.

The new uniform will be compulsory for all students in years 7-11 from 1st September 2018.

Legacy PE kit with the Patchway Community College logo can still be worn by students in years 8-11 for the academic year 2018-19.

Will current year 10 have to wear new uniform?

Yes. From 1st September, all PCS will be wearing the same uniform. Students will be able to wear the legacy PE kit in year 11.

Can we only purchase uniform from one supplier?

All items with the school logo or supplier logo on them can only be purchased through Initially Yours. By committing to one supplier, it allows us to secure a greater discounted price and therefore make uniform more affordable. The majority of schools locally use Initially Yours and you can purchase items online or try items on in their shop based in Hambrook. (BS16 1RP for sat nav)

Items that do not carry the school logo can be purchased from the supplier Initially Yours, or from any high street store. The item should meet the uniform policy regardless of where it is purchased.

When will Initially Yours be stocking the new uniform?

Initially Yours expect to have the majority of stock in their shop from 21st May. Orders made online and paid for will be completed after this date. Replacement uniform will be delivered directly to school in August.

Can I purchase uniform directly from school?

No. All uniform must be ordered through Initially Yours. With over 500 students, we have found that managing uniform in school takes up a significant amount of time that is better spent on teaching and learning. This is common practice in all other local secondary schools.

I am concerned that my child will not fit in any of the sizes of trousers on the Initially Yours website.

The Initially Yours team can source a range of sizes to accommodate all body shapes and we encourage you to contact them directly so that they can discuss your requirements. There are many more styles available than are published on their website, and the team are experts in finding solutions to match the requirements of your child.

Is there the choice of a clip on or a normal tie?

In order to keep costs down one style had to be selected. Therefore, we have selected the clip on style. Survey and focus group results clearly showed that the clip on style was the most popular. There are advantages and disadvantages of both styles. We will review this in future to make sure that families remain broadly happy with this choice.

When can we see the uniform?

Two mannequins wearing a sample of the new uniform are in the main PCS reception.

Illustrations of individual garments are on the Initially Yours website page.

Uniform Policy

Click here to read or print the uniform policy.

Patchway Community School Uniform

These compulsory items carrying the school logo are only available from our uniform stockists Initially Yours.


[With PCS logo]

Black V neck jumper

[With PCS logo}

Grey tailored trousers or grey skirt

[With Initially Yours logo]

Grey tailored shorts

[With Initially Yours logo. May be worn in terms 1 and 6)

 These compulsory items can be purchased from Initially Yours or from high street stores if the item meets the uniform policy:

 White short or long sleeve shirt

[Buttoned to the collar]

Black, white or grey socks.

[May be worn with trousers, skirts or shorts]

Black, grey or natural skin coloured tights

[May be worn with skirts]

Black Footwear

 [Must be totally black without obvious branding, colours or flashes]         

 P.E. Kit

 Compulsory items available from Initially Yours only:

Black polo shirt with PCS logo 

Outdoor reversible top with PCS logo OR grey hoody with PCS logo

(For outdoor wear either of these options may be chosen, but please be advised that if you are playing contact rugby the hoody may NOT be worn. Therefore, we advise students who are likely to be in school teams to purchase the outdoor reversible top. Other tops will not be permitted)

Compulsory items available from Initially Yours or from high street stores if the item meets our uniform policy:

Suitable plain black sports bottoms which may include: black tracksuit bottoms, black shorts or black girls sport leggings.

[No branding or logos)

Black knee-length socks (outdoor) 

Training shoes

Optional items available from Initially Yours or from high street stores if the item meets our uniform policy (some may be required when representing the school in certain sports):

White socks (indoor) 

Shin pads 

Mouth guard 

Studded footwear 

 Click here if you think you may be eligible for support in purchasing school uniform.