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Removing Barriers to Learning


At Patchway Community School we are committed to providing a positive learning experience for all our students, which in turn instils in them a lifelong love of learning.


Identifying Individual Needs


Every student at Patchway Community School is an individual, each with their own strengths and their own areas for development. For those students with additional learning or medical needs we collaborate closely with our local primary schools to ensure that we know every student prior to them joining us for a seamless and carefully prepared transition. This includes working with parents/guardians and the pupils themselves to ensure that we are ready to support them to achieve their best.

For students with additional needs they will be closely monitored on a cyclical basis enabling us to adapt according their individual needs and to empower them to achieve their individual targets and progress with growing their independence. This process involves all parties, home, school, external agencies, and the student themselves to allow as broad an insight as possible allowing greater capacity for all individual needs to be met and developed.

Meeting Individual Needs


Our highly skilled staff regularly discuss the needs of pupils at Patchway Community School and close collaboration between the SENCo and Department Leads allows for clear and consistent approaches that best support each individual student to achieve their full potential. Removing barriers to learning is key to supporting our students with additional needs. Our school has a host of specialists that support staff training to continuously raise standards of teaching students with specific needs. In doing so we can consistently meet the needs of all students in every lesson.

Again, the regular communication between home, school, external agencies, and the student themselves provides a platform to adjust support according to need allowing greater flexibility for each student’s progression.


We have a team of Teaching Assistants who work alongside our young people and communicate with them on a daily basis. 


Support Staff


The team work closely to ensure that all students have regular contact with support for both academic progress and social and emotional support to ensure that they achieve the aspirational goals they have for themselves. The team work tirelessly with the pupils building strong relationships so that they can support the students in their care to develop self-confidence and ambition in moving towards their goals.


Each young person will be part of a tutor group and the relationship with their tutor is of key importance throughout their time at the college.


Progress Tracking

All students with additional needs are set challenging and meaningful targets which are agreed collaboratively and reviewed regularly.  Every student will be supported throughout each day towards meeting these targets and recognition of achievement shared regularly with home as a celebration of progress. All targets will be reviewed on a six-weekly cycle and this information will be shared with all involved allowing for further progression or adaptation of support.

We believe that an open dialogue with parents/carers is the most successful model.


Access To Learning

Any students with any medical or mobility needs will be fully supported to ensure that they can access the site safely and effectively. There are toilet facilities for wheelchair uses and we will do everything possible to meet the physical needs of all our students. As part of transition we would assess any potential adaptations that we may need to seek and will utilise support from external agencies to ensure that we are able to safely accommodate the needs of our students in preparation for their arrival at Patchway Community School.

Supporting students with medical or mobility needs on school trips and special events we will discuss our plans with our students and their parents/guardians to help inform our planning to ensure that we can safely include all students and meet their needs.

Patchway Community School is an inclusive school that is committed to providing the best learning experience for all our students. It is crucial to us that every student feel cared for, valued, and a sense of belonging within our close school community so they develop into confident young adults ready to embark on a successful future. Therefore, we welcome any questions or comments from parents/guardians to secure your confidence in us with your child’s education.